Hurd Visionaries: A World Class City

“A reminder that we are all responsible for the smallest living thing.” – Dave Hurd

Hurd’s Visionaries

David Hurd’s vision for Des Moines helped to shape our community over the last 50 years. David served as an Honorary Co-Chairperson of this effort, sharing his wisdom and insight with our team. Hurd’s Visionaries are a recognized group of donors pledging $10,000 or more to this campaign. Donors at this level will receive a one-of-a-kind lapel pin, similar to those Dave wore, as an outward symbol of not only their support of the Foundation, but of their love and respect for a trusted community leader.

    Why a Lapel Pin

    David Hurd was known for wearing interesting lapel pins. His purpose was to quietly engage in conversation about the environment. When asked about a pin he would say, “It’s just a reminder that we are all responsible for the smallest living thing.”

    When you wear your new Hurd Visionaries: a World Class City pin, it can be a conversation starter for you to tell about this generous city father who believed in what we can accomplish together and to encourage others to decide what they can do.

    Pin Designer: Ann Au

    Meaning Behind the Design

    The pin visually represents an individual’s commitment to Water Works Park Foundations principles of integrating education, conservation, and recreation/health to engage park users in the story of clean water.

    • The “ladder” to the right represents progress, ascension and spiritual connection. The connection of humankind with nature; the progress that is being made by this park transformation; the ascension of this beautiful and diverse park.
    • The ladder spells an “H”, an “H” to honor Water Works Park friend and visionary David Hurd. David always worked onward and upward to move his community forward.
    • The gold “rung” implies sophistication and elegance, two words that could easily be used to describe David.
    • The rippled silver on the left side of the brooch represents water. Water, the source of life. The Taoists viewed it as a source of higher wisdom; to the Greeks, it represented a metamorphosis and philosophical recycling. This project will engage the community in the discussion of improving life through education and recreation focusing on our life source, water.
    • The gold square finishes the visual imagery, showcasing the new Water Works Park Foundation Logo and therefore reinforcing the Foundation’s mission. It is an honor to create this visual commitment and public thank you to those individuals.