Board & Advisory Council

Board & Advisors

Members of the Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation Board of Directors serve in a voluntary capacity. They represent both a cross section of park users and the next generation of community leadership.

To successfully complete a project of this size and scope and to create a template for implementing future large community initiatives, the Board is surrounded by an experienced group of advisors. These advisors mentor, support, and serve as a sounding board for the Board of Directors and staff.

Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation Board of Directors 

2023 Board of Directors

President – Jason Stone

Vice President – Crystal Franke

Secretary – Ashely Aust

Treasurer – Ardis Kelly

Taylor Boland

Andrea Boulton

Jen Cross

Raul Cunarro

Crystal Franke

Jenny Herrera

Amy Jennings

Chris Lightfoot

Drew Manatt

Corey Morrison

Matt Van Loon

Foundation Advisory Council

Johnny Danos*

Richard Deming

Charlotte Hubbell

Kerry and Linda Killinger

Sharon Krause

Doug Reichardt

Janis Ruan

Connie Wimer

*in memory

Foundation Staff

Sam Carrell, Executive Director