Waves of Change

Your generous support

We’ve seen more than twice the usual traffic in 2020 as people recognize the value of this urban oasis and the $13 million in improvements we’ve opened in the past two years. Water Works Park is a public place of refuge, and we want it to remain welcoming to all. Please support our work today. 

Rings on River Constellation

River Constellation flows horizontally, mimicking the circuitous path of the Raccoon River, and is vertically outlined with poles of glowing orbs of light and sound. The poles feature rings bearing the names of donors and/or tribute messages. Each $500 ring includes up to 35 characters for your message.

Water Works Park Bench

Memorialize or Honor an individual, family or organization with a distinct park bench. The 6’ blue benches and their unique piping style compliments the unique setting of Water Works Park and its importance to our water quality and quality of life. Each bench comes with a 4” x 6” plaque for engraving (80 characters). Benches will be placed along the pathways throughout the amphitheater area in the eastern portion of the park near the arboretum. $3,000. Limited to 15 benches

ADA Accessible Picnic Tables

Support the park by providing a specially designed ADA accessible picnic table. The sturdy 8’ picnic tables are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and provide a perfect setting for a picnic, a quiet read or just hanging out in the shade. Each table comes with a plaque for engraving (80 characters). Tables will be placed in the shaded majestic oaks near the food truck marketplace and overlooking the lawns and natural play area and can be moved for flexibility and use. $3,000. Limited to 8 tables.

Hurd’s Visionaries

Hurd’s Visionaries are a recognized group of donors pledging $10,000 or more to this campaign. Donors at this level will receive a one-of-a-kind lapel pin, similar to those Dave wore, as an outward symbol of not only their support of the Foundation, but of their love and respect for a trusted community leader.

Improvements to Water Works Park are funded by donors, not utility ratepayers.

Support the Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation’s mission of education, conservation and recreation today. Select a gift option below.