Waves of Change

While general maintenance of Water Works Park has been and will continue to be the responsibility of Des Moines Water Works,
improvements are funded by donors from throughout Central Iowa.

Support the Des Moines Water Works Park Foundation’s mission of education, conservation and recreation in a few different ways.

River Constellation flows horizontally, mimicking the circuitous path of the Raccoon River, and is vertically outlined with poles of glowing orbs of light and sound featuring rings bearing the names of donors and/or “in memory of.”

Hurd’s Visionaries

Hurd’s Visionaries are a recognized group of donors pledging $10,000 or more to this campaign. Donors at this level will receive a one-of-a-kind lapel pin, similar to those Dave wore, as an outward symbol of not only their support of the Foundation, but of their love and respect for a trusted community leader.